What does it mean that we "weave the dream"? How does this metaphor relate to our practical daily lives?

It means, quite frankly, that with each decision, each action, each dollar bill we spend--- we are voting, we are choosing, we are promoting a specific way of life to occur personally, communally, and globally.

So when we speak of chemicals, really reflect on how they enter the equation of your life. In your handsoap? House cleaner? Food? Shampoo? Medicines? Juices? Gardening supplies? Clothes? Office materials? Did you know this is intrinsically connected to the mining of indigenous communities?

When we speak of plastic-- where is it showing up in the day to day? Grocery bags? New products? Cell phones? Water? Could we possibly downsize the amount of planetary oil extraction necessary for these daily plastic use by choosing local hand-made vendors, and refillable options?

Who made your clothes? Where? Did it travel by boat or plane to you? Did your neighbor make it?

What food industry am I voting for with my cents? The happy veggies and animals?

Are the choices I am making every moment, of every day, in alignment with my highest values? Are they choices that support a quality of life for all beings?

As a collective our weaving still has quite a many loose strands. Thus, as the dream weavers, we have an incredible opportunity of creation at hand to define the direction of our masterpiece. 

I invite each of us, including myself, to take a deep look at every action throughout the day to observe if each one is in line with our highest personal values. Do we have any unexamined excuses lying in a hidden corner?

I hasn't yet become so convenient to choose to eat local organic every time. (Or possibly it easier to make sure to bring our lunch with us like we do our cell phone.) Nor is it quite popular yet to consider the rights of our planet in our consumership choices. (Or maybe its easier to buy local goods and bring my re-useable bags than I may be exercising now.)

Being a Game-Changer in every choice has historically never been the easiest task at hand--- but I encourage each of us to continue swimming against the tide.

I am called to ask.. shall we just stick to business as usual? Or is it possible to take a closer look at ourselves to strengthen our own personal loose strands and implement a tighter weave?

It actually seems more comforting to practice daily choices that consider the larger art piece at hand . I am happy to actively serve in changing the supply and demand.  Are you willing to dream anew what "convenient" and "business as usual" have the potential to BE-COME?

I live full time in the Sacred Valley of Peru-- and I just recently checked in to see whether or not I was really in alignment with my values in EVERY SINGLE daily choice. I noticed that every once in a while, I was making excuses. So, I made some necessary shifts to REALLY ensure I am buying organic foods from known providers ALWAYS (Though the open markets may look fresh and organic here-- the reality is a different truth.) Even though this meant significantly less options of produce, and scheduling my buys on specific days- I am happy to know I am in full alignment with my inner-truth. Another shift I made-- my backpack is now STUFFED with re-usable bags so I may never become recipient of the incessant plastic bags of Peru! (If I dont have a bag with me--- I dont buy the item- better luck next time!)  I also made it quite easy for members of my household to do the same by hanging them next to the door.

Can you identify some ways in your life that you can step up the game just a little bit more?

It is essential to be deeply aware that every choice we make is both the individual and collective sculpting of reality. We may speak of love, of new awakening, of conscious ascension.... but are we following through with our daily actions- in full integrity?

One may consider:

Why would I choose to buy chemicals knowing it harms both me.. and the planet?

Why would I vote with money to support the continuation of mining of Earth?

Why would I allow my consumership choices to assist the companies that are entering First Nation communities, killing my sisters and brothers and the last of pristine nature, to extract the necessary minerals to produce my packaged goods?

Why would I consciously donate funds to known mega-corporations for a quick-fix pill to alleviate the pains of my body-- because I chose not to eat her natural abundant gifts in the first place?

WHY would I not act in accordance with the knowing that every single choice of transportation, pharmaceuticals, in-organic food, packaged items, plastic use, imported gear—- IS THE FUNDING OF WAR?

WHY would I think that any of these situation are apart from me and the decisions of my cash exchange?

These questions pend in my heart.

Doesn't it feel nice to pay the extra bucks for local, organic, handmade- rather than the extra taxes? 

I am content for this opportunity to take a deeper look and do some super fine tuning so I may choose to be a dream weaver of the change I really care to see in the world.

I invite you to join me today in considering these personal questions:

1.) Am I willing to take a deeper look and tighten my weave too?

2.) Am I walking in full integrity with my highest values in all actions?

3.) Am I taking any unexamined short-cuts and making excuses for some?

Hayaya Pachamama