It was so incredible to stand witness to the physical results of unexamined family trauma during one of our clinic days. A specific day called to table a line of patients that had eye issues. Spanning from eye dandruff, to cataracts, to red eye, to dry eye.

One of the young girls with this eye issue told a story of a “wolf” that had tried to attack her in the field and since then was the issue— the details of that story immediately flagged me as an abuse story. Later, the mother of another child with an eye issue, with the same last name, informed me of a known sexual abuse that had occurred to the child. I asked her if she thought this was common in the family, because I had seen 10 patients with the same last name and eye issues today, and another story that had indicated abuse. She said yes, it was a deep secret of the family, one that isn’t talked about. I was really taken back by the clear indicators in these cases, and by the physical manifestation of an emotional trauma to “not see” the pain of various generations of a family tree.

It is incredible what our body will do in response to our emotions. This provides further inspiration to continue the healing path to get into those deep crevices of the subconscious to come into deeper well-being and continue serving others in their journey.