Wow. It has been quite the week of new connections, innumerable tasks, and unexpected horizons. Almost more than the mind can conceive and handle. Yet, when life gets to be a little overwhelming, even in a good way, I like to come back to the INTERSECTION OF BUSINESS, PLAY, AND PRAY.


If you are facilitating your passion project, or just completely dedicated to your work, you may relate to the experience of long hours, infinite details, and a fine line between work and rest. One of the greatest keys to success which I have found useful, is implementing deeper layers of ORGANIZATION. At each new stage of work and project building, inevitably new factors come to play, and sometimes all the micro-initiatives start blossoming all at once. Its important to tune-in when you have reached a new plateau, and get RE-ORGANIZED with a system that now holds your new greater capacity. A good indicator that expansion is happening is the feeling of overwhelm, or the thought that there just aren’t enough hours in a day. At this point it may also be beneficial to polish your skills in DELEGATION. If you are taking on new projects and people that are adding tasks to your pile, rather than chipping away at your work-load, it may be a good idea to reconsider where your PRIORITIES are. Exercise communication skills and discernment to really make the most out of your connections.


Check-in with yourself, is it truly necessary to work over-time right now? Or am I just stuck in a pattern of DO, DO rather than taking some time for ME? When you have discovered a work or passion that is truly serving your highest aspiration, sometimes that line can become quite thin, because you have inspiration fueling the process. Even then, it is very important to make time for SELF CARE. Pencil it in the agenda if its necessary. Not once in 5 years have I seen my indigenous elder say no to an enjoyable experience. He always has time for a good laugh, friends & family, and down-time... and because of this, he is fresh and ready for work and pray at any time.

In my experience, the greater I can show up for me, the greater I can show up for others- this is the INTERSECTION OF PLAY AND BUSINESS. One technique I have found useful to make sure I can have some me time, and get all the tasks done that are needed, is TIME CHUNKING. Rather than getting scared of the infinite list and jumping to the conclusion that I have no time for myself…its effective to pick one priority task, set a timer on the phone, and only concentrate on that one task until its complete. Don’t open messages, don't take phone calls, don’t even think about that inbox. Use ATTENTION & INTENTION, and get er' done. In this way, I can see the progress, check it off the list, and can definitely make time to celebrate this accomplishment with PLAY. This word can mean different things to different people- the point is go out and do something you love, that fills you with laughter and joy, and doesn’t require your logical brain to be the captain. Ideally, I recommend finding at least one play outlet each week that is PHYSICAL ACTIVITY, apart from treating yourself to that delicious fine tea, or spa day (because the mind can still be running on auto-pilot).

Since I started taking aerial silks last month (after 7 years of no exercise), I honestly can't wait until the next class to push the sky of my limitations, and get my body feeling pleasantly sore all week. Sure my mind tries to tell me “I can’t do it, its too hard, I have too many responsibilities to do today,” but once I stopped listening to that monkey mind, and started playing consistently, I actually found more clarity in my work life- knowing how to say no to obsolete extras, and yes to beneficial priorities.


If the work load gets too much, and you are hitting a wall every time you try to make a plan or decision, this is an indicator for a breath, a walk, a break- no matter what the time schedule is saying. This is where the notion of PRAY INTERSECTS WITH BUSINESS— the clarity and wisdom to exercise discernment of timing and approach. I tend to think “spirit is trying to show me a blindspot right now” if the details are just not lining up. Even though I recognize this, I still find it hard to pull myself out of bulldozing through the challenge rather than listening to “the flow” and taking some time to reflect. In cases like these, I try to bring indigenous wisdom into my daily life by taking the opportunity to go outside and make a prayer and verbalizing what I am going through and what I desire, rather than banging my head against the computer. When we find that balance between the logical brain and spiritual connection, it is amazing how our world can gracefully open with opportunity and alignment with our greatest aspirations.

Having lived with an indigenous family in Peru for 5 years, it is NOT EASY to discover your own personal balance of work and pray. Where is the line drawn between “relaxing into flow” and “creating what we want”? For me, it lies in RECEPTIVITY & PRAYER. Becoming keenly aware with what is happening now and what I want to create, and INVOLVING NATURE AND GOD in the decision making process by asking for support through prayer and offerings. I would contribute more than 90% of everything I am doing today to the benefits received from my commitment to these ancient traditions as an integral aspect of my modern working life.

I thank my teachers for showing me a great model of what it means to easily and gracefully work, play, and pray as if it were their INHERENT NATURE BY BIRTH, because it helps me to know that IT IS FOR ALL OF US. And I hope that some of these techniques and insights that I have discovered along the way may be beneficial to you for achieving your highest fulfillment and life service.