Its not often that we have the unique opportunity to sit in a full ceremony, ritual, or extended spiritual practice. But, don't let that stop you from up-keeping a practice of offerings.

In the Andes, there are many ways to make on-the-go offerings to remain in reciprocity with Creation. Here I share how you can make an offering yourself, no matter how much time you have or where you are.

In the Andes, praying is always accompanied by offerings. In other words, not only to we ask, we also give. This follows the principal teaching of "Ayni" or "Reciprocity" which is at the heart and soul of Andean Cosmovision.

An offering is something you prepare for the Earth, and give as a gift. In many cultures you can recognize different types of offerings. Some Native American cultures in the North give loose Tobacco. Even in the Christian Church you see red wine and bread being offered at the altar.

In the Andes, we work with Coca Leaves, Wine and Alcohol, Tobacco, Herbal Smudges, and Sweets.

The central idea to know:

1.) Give gifts to Creation so it may have all the nutrients and energy to continue serving so much.

2.) Give things you love... it makes it personal.

3.) Give often.

4.) When we Give, we Receive. This is the law of Reciprocity. So ask for what you need.

Once I integrated this practice into my Life, and stopped waiting until a ceremony with my Elder, I witnessed a big shift in my Life. I recognized a stronger personal communication with Creation, and could identify the ways Life is responding. This is undeniably a powerful ancestral technique to co-create pathways you want to see open in your life... and to do it with the blessing of Nature.



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Tip #3