How can we come to know one another more intimately and bridge the gaps in understanding across cultures?

Its not often we get to hear good news from around the world. And, when we do, news always seems to be filtered through some bias in one form or another. This type of publicity does in fact create deep imprints on our psyche and understanding of individuals, cultures, religions, and traditions.  We may believe certain people are a certain way, without ever knowing them, based on pre-conceptions. Luckily enough, it is 100% possible to exercise our human will & re-write these conditionings.

In those unique moments when we have the opportunity to sit down and talk personally with individuals of worldly communities and cultures, we witness broadened insight into a deeper truth of our shared humanity, and therefore understand ourselves more intimately.

In December 2014, Elder Juan Gabriel Apaza Lonasco of the Q’ero Nation and myself Caroline Putnam, founder of Reviveolution, were invited to speak at an international peace conference amongst religions in Kolkata, India. It was an impactful inter-cultural experience that will remain in our hearts forever. We even gave our first public speech together (don't laugh) regarding indigenous spiritual traditions and our shared human connection as stewards to the Earth. 

Amongst the myriad of cultures, religions, and brilliant minds that were present, we met a driven young journalist- Abhijit Ganguly- who is on a mission to highlight inspiring news and real individuals in the world. What a breath of fresh air! SPREADING GOOD NEWS!

Since then, Abhijit has continued to nurture amicable relations with us over the years and we have stayed in contact to motivate one another in “shared beneficial work for humanity” as our Indian friends often remind us. We are always touched to stay in contact with good friends on a common cause of service.

I am deeply impressed by the questions Abhijit proposed this time around, and enjoyed contemplating the points he brings to the table. It is not often we get to dig into the depths of cross-cultural relations, and understand one another through both the sharing and the listening.

I truly believe that when we take the time for such reflections, & give space to understand our fellow brothers and sisters from a new perspective, we come to know ourselves. Wouldn’t you agree it is one of the central points that inspires you to travel? To know new perspectives and experiences that propel self growth?

We hope you enjoy the article below published in UP WORDS magazine in India. For ease we have put the pdf version of our interview here, and encourage you to check out this link to read the full publication of inspiring individuals from around the world. Provecho!