Throughout the Andes, the Coca plant is seen as the Mother of Wisdom. Many cultures and communities revere this plant as sacred , and have utilized this plant for its infinite medicinal properties for more generations that we can count.

Here I share about the ancestral practice of sitting with Coca as a personal practice of cultivating mindfulness, as well as the social practice of building community bonds. The central essence of Coca is a genuine act of reciprocity which allows us to more clearly understand the way Nature speaks to us.

It’s important to observe how to sit with Mama Coca in a good way so we can benefit from her balancing qualities. On the contrary, if we sit with her in an unmindful way, we may magnify chaotic thoughts and habits.

In this video I demonstrate some foundational elements to know about Coca. It is good to note, sitting with Coca - as in any mindfulness or ancestral practice - takes time to build a deeper relationship. When coming back to the same practice over and over with more awareness, we can really start to experience the profoundness the medicine it brings into our lives.

I figured this one was better demonstrated than written about... so enjoy !

My intention is to deconstruct the widespread concepts around Mamá Coca that have clouded her name. As you can witness, the ancestral practice of Coca is one that brings benefit.

Post any questions you have, and I am happy to go into this subject more.

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