When people journey to Peru, they often ask us about spiritual initiations or Karpays in the Q’ero tradition.

In this video my aim is to offer a grounded perspective around initiations and provide information from my experience living with my Q’ero Family for 6 years. I feel that the TERM “initiation” has been popularized and therefore desensitized the ritual from its original intention- as used traditionally in the communities. From my understanding, it is best to first master the tools and resources we already have, before asking for more. If our commitments become too many to follow through on, chaos may occur. In the families I have met and sat with, they seem to convey that initiations are meant for every once in a while, when both student and teacher agree that the student is ready for the next tool kit, and ready to ask permission to commit to the next stage of spiritual union with his/her practice.

Here I use a metaphor about taking too many business courses at once... how could you integrate even the best of information into your practice if you continue getting more and more?

Again, this is my own perspective based on what I have observed in my studies in Peru. I recognize there are many paths and many ways... this is simply one of those.

My intention for sharing this is to question the use of the word “initiation”- and suggest that sometimes we might really be seeking how to integrate what we already know and have, rather than seeking for more commitments.

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