Did you know indigenous people aren't allowed to offer ceremonies or wear their traditional attire to sacred sites in Peru? 


I know. It may be a shock to you, especially since Peruvian tourism marketing campaigns center around the exploitation of indigenous faces and animals to real you in to come visit Machu Picchu and other well known sites. But, its true, even at beautiful sites like the one I am sitting at right now- indigenous ceremonies and practices are prohibited. (if an indigenous person even walks up here with a poncho on, their would be 1-4 security guards following their every move until they left)


THIS is the primary inspiration Reviveolution and our Q’ero Family have dreamed of building an Eco-Sanctuary on our new land in the Sacred Valley. We figured.. why fight? Let’s create a NEW SACRED SITE where not only are indigenous practices welcome, they are ENCOURAGED.

Design the Temple with our Q’ero Family in Peru this April in our Permaculture Design retreat, and you will receive your PDC certification with Penny Livingston-Stark. When you sign up, you are sponsoring a local Peruvian farmer to become certified with you. All the while, you will be immersed in a whole new way of knowing plants and nature- through organic fiber dying with the master weavers of the jungle, medicine making in the mountains, experiencing personal transformation through sacred plant ceremonies with our Q’ero Wisdom-Keepers, and by applying permaculture design to important eco-cultural projects.


10% Early Bird discount if you register by Jan 31st.


What are the local & global impacts of such a project?

1.) Conventional tourism is a double edges sword that on one side has caused a rift in traditional cultures. Families are fragmented in the cities, and at odds of one another to make basic ends meet. A temple becomes a community space to encourage cooperatives and collectives to becomes the solution.

2.) Modernization has quickly and thoroughly spread its chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and plastic all around Peru. No these farms are NOT organic, and people are buying the cheapest packaged foods on low incomes. Disease and sickness is not a stranger here, and there is NO MEDIA COVERAGE letting local indigenous people know a green movement even exists out there. This temple will be the living model.

3.) The social norm in Peru says “Quechua is “backwards and stupid”. If you speak Quechua, wear indigenous sandals, chew coca, or do the ceremonies— you are ignorant. “ It makes sense that local farmers are dropping ancestral practices in search for innovation. This temple will show a living model of THE BEST OF MODERN INNOVATION alongside THE BEST OF ANCESTRAL TRADITION. Organic farming and building is definitely not outdated- and we want to bring that conversations to the forefront.

If you want to join these important conversations and conjure solutions together:

Join us from anywhere in the world for two rich online discourses with Penny Livingston and Reviveolution.


JANUARY 17: Resilience Through Permaculture and Indigenous Tradition

FEBRUARY 03: Personal Tools for Creating Change Through Ecological Wisdom and Ancestral Tradition

5:30 PST on ZOOM

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We hope to have your unique perspective as we discuss important topics and implement viable solutions.