Andean ceremonial traditions range far & wide with a vast array of teachings and practices. We connect you directly to authentic teachings from the Q’ero Nation, rooted in the “haywayrikuy” ceremony, more commonly known as the “despacho.” This is an offering of plants, seeds, grains, sweets, & sacred elements given to the fire in honor of Pachamama (Mother Earth) & the Apus (mountain deities.) Each specific despacho hold a multitude of minute variations within its elements that symbolize deeper meaning and intention. By offering gifts to the Earth and our ancestors, we pay our respects and provide them sustenance, in this way they continue supporting our life in a fluid interaction of reciprocity.


  • Personal prayer for your life, family, home, work, spiritual connection, dreams and aspirations

  • Group intention for your retreat, event, special occasion

  • Traditional Andean wedding ceremony

  • Cleansing of heavy experiences, challenges, and emotions

  • Support for new transitions: such as moving to a new home or starting a new business/project/job

  • Calling in strength, community, good communication, and relationships

  • Blessing for your travel

  • Gratitude offering to the land and home

  • and much more....


You can book your personal or group Despacho in Peru most any day in the year or in specified journey dates in the U.S.

*Your ceremony will be accompanied by an official translator with extensive connection to the Q'ero culture assure you get the most out of your experience.