Reviveolution council and our Q'ero family believe, and have witnessed, that indigenous traditions have the power to transform lives and lift communities... Even in the modern world.

We are signing for private land in the Sacred Valley of Peru to build an Eco-Sanctuary- to share these experiences with You.

This center will host and expand (already active) social impact projects, ecologically regenerative enterprises, and personal wellness programs, that are inspired by indigenous wisdom and dedicated to the true human potential.

We have already raised over 15k, and have 25k to go to reach our phase-1 goal.

Thank you for your contribution, small or large, to make this happen together.

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We envision a personally fulfilling, communally empowering, and ecologically regenerative human presence on Earth.

To do our part in making this happen, we have been facilitating the following projects:


1) Creating equal income with indigenous women & inspiring stewardship through weaving natural dies & fibers in the Watana Women’s Collective.


2) Promoting healthy organic lifestyle through food, herbal teas, and ancestral medicines in the Andean Alchemy Restaurant and Tea House.

3) Offering permaculture, natural building, & land regenerative education to both local and international guests to reconnect to indigenous life-ways.

4) Expanding Andean ceremonies, teachings and traditions to native youth and the global community to pass this wisdom into future generations.

5) Hosting retreats and events to provide a platform for reciprocal exchange between tribal nations, inspired individuals, and today’s pioneers.


Ancestral traditions have been benefitting people for 1000's of years, yet have gone through waves of challenge as they have met global society. At Reviveolution, we have been working closely with our Q'ero family of Peru over the past 5 years, and have seen the immense impact that occurs when ancient wisdom meets the modern world in an innovative & socially responsible way.


Throughout the past 5 years, Reviveolution has participated in and facilitated:

1.) Inter-religious peace conferences throughout the world (including S.Korea and India)

2.) Inter-tribal gatherings across the Americas

3.) Transformational travel retreats in Peru

4.) Innumerable Andean fire ceremonies, workshops, teachings, and traditions

5.) Traditional Andean wedding ceremony

6.) Ecological projects with the Q’ero

7.) Free health care initiatives for Andean locals with our partner organizations

8.) Fair-trade organic Women’s weaving collective

9.) Work/Service internship in Peru

10.) Water filtration system donations for indigenous families in Peru

And much more to be continued….


1.) Consider a contribution of $20 (or more) to help us raise 15k by Nov 30th to pay off the full title to the land!

2.) For those who desire a 501c3 tax write-off or care to offer a larger sized donation, please contact us

3.) Share this page with friends, family, and allies to help to spread the word.



Every bit of these funds are going directly into tangible resources for land & the building of a self-sustaining center.

30k- Land purchase in the Sacred Valley of Peru

2k- Taxes for the purchase

30k- Restaurant and Guesthouse construction

18k- Building materials


“ URPIYAY SONQOYAY “ - Thank you with doves from our heart (Quechua phrase of gratitude)