This September, Indigenous Grandmothers and Women from all around join together in the Andes to pray, heal & honor ourselves as potent women of change. As pillars of family, creators & birthers of generations, females hold a strong capacity to shift the direction of society when we come to know ourselves.



We invite you to pilgrim with us for 13 days as we carry prayers of the world from the Sacred Valley, Peru to the crystal waters of Lake Titikaka, Bolivia in ceremony and shared intention. Connecting intimately to the womb cycles, ancestral traditions, sacred lands & our own creative expression, we will purify our conditioning and re-birth as empowered women.



• Golden Reindeer Moon Lodge
• 3 Andean Despachos
• Moon Cycle Rhythm
• Womb Healing
• Ceremonial Song & Dance
• Song Bath Immersion
• Teachings of the Yanantin (balanced fem/masc)
• Coca Initiation
• Sharing Circles
• Silent Mountain Meditation
• Rejuvenating Flower Initiation


Early bird $1,500- July 19th






(BY AUGUST 18th)

STEP 3: 





(this is a general schedule.. possible shifts to accommodate group energy)

Sept 26th (5 days)

Sacred Valley, Peru

26-Coca Initiation, Feast, Q’ero Fire Offering

27-Womb Blessing, Wisdom Circle, Traditional song & dance

28-Meditation, Mountain Walk, Song Bath

29-Reindeer Moon Lodge - Kaariina

30-Gradmother Kaarina Wisdom Circle

Oct 1st (2 days)

Sacred Temple of Raqchi, Peru

1-Andean Mesa Teaching at Raqchi in the morning

2-Silent Meditation Walk to Apu Awkisa Blessing of the Waters

Oct 3rd (1 day)

Travel to Copacabana, Bolivia

Visit to Temple of Raqchi in a.m, Overnight Bus to Bolivia

Oct 4th (1 day)

Island of the Sun, Bolivia

Boat Ride to the Island, Rest & Integration

Oct 5th (1 day)

Island of the Moon, Bolivia

Private Boat Travel & Nusta Ceremony

Oct 6th (2 days)

Island of the Sun, Bolivia

6-Boat Visit to sacred lands

7-Integration Day, Flower Initiation

Oct 8th (1 day)

Copacabana, Bolivia

Closing Ceremony and Feast in the Morning



Q’ero Nation

Grandmother Maria Apaza is a beautiful treasure of wisdom. She is known not only as being one of the last living Alto Mesayoq paqos of the Q’ero Nation, but a female at that! Her joyous personality, & deep insights make anytime spent with her precious. Having spent a good portion of her life as an Alto Mesayoq, Grandma holds valuable keys to communicating with the Apus & Pachamama-- which she shares openly woven through her personal life stories. A fabulous weaver, as well as a mid-wife, Abuela Maria stands strong as a pilar of feminine strength & wisdom.


Quechua Nation: Raqchi

Maestra Martina Mamani is the direct lineage of guardians of the Temple of Raqchi. Up until the year 2000, her & her relatives inhabited the temple, until the state declared her home a sacred site. Now, she continues to honor & guard this land & its Apus with constant visits, prayers, & ceremonies. She is a treasure due to her openness in sharing Andean traditions of the “mesa” & “illas,” as it is her belief that the wisdom is not hers, but of Spirit. Step-by-step, she converted her new home into a sacred temple called Centro de Sanación Siwar Qoyllur (Hummingbird Healing Center) in Raqchi. She invites all people of to join in ceremony & healing to live the mission of sharing ancestral wisdom.


Huuki lineage Saami: Descendant of Sault Ste Marie

From Ontario Canada, Kaariina is a vibrant Essene Traditional Medicine Woman,
M. Ed. Counselor, keeper of the Golden Reindeer Moon Lodge & four pillars of teachings, she lovingly shares her wisdom with those ready to step into their highest potential. Her greatest passion is empowering the genius of young ones & engaging older ones in conversation & ceremonies to enter Eldership initiations & step into living legacies. A Karuna Reiki Master teacher, Kaariina attuned, trained 6 generations of reiki masters & serves as a guardian of The Way of Council- a dedication to nonviolent communications. She reversed the signature of nonhodgkins lymphoma all naturally. Initiated as woman chief of sweatlodge culture, Kaariina is guided in medicine ways & shamanic tools with a clear vision of principles: women are sacred, all come from women, sexuality is sacred, home is a holy making place! Content women are the source of sacred economy & Forgiveness co-creates a sacred site.



Reviveolution Visionary Woman
Sacred Valley, Peru

Carolina is the founder and director of the Reviveolution. She dedicates her skills and passions coordinating events & gatherings, guiding wisdom-keepers on international journeys, serving as a ceremonial assistant and translator, building alliances & authentic communications, & sharing healing through the gift of Song. Her close relationship with various tribal nations inspired her commitment to empower indigenous coalitions and traditions to expand in the heart of modern culture- which became the mission of Reviveolution. Coming from a degree in Cultural Anthropology from the University of Texas, she now lives full-time in the Sacred Valley of Peru and works closely with Andean wisdom-keepers, whom together may be spotted traveling the world. In between work and prayer, you may find her gardening, drinking tea, singing and gettin’ down to some soulful music.


Quechua Medicine Woman
Sacred Valley, Peru

Prem Tarika is a young, in uential medicine woman of the Quechua Nation of Peru who is a guardian of the Condor-Eagle traditions. She lovingly dedicates her life to sharing ancestral wisdom, ceremony, and experiences to both the local and global community. She is initiated in ceremonies of Earth offering, medicine song circles, Andean temescal, Moon retreats, and sacred plant medicines— and is also a humble guardian of the Sacred Chanupa and Tipi altars. She is an investigator and carrier of Feminine Ancestral Traditions and the founder of Killa Warmi, a network of Women’s Moon Circles in Peru. She lives full time in the Sacred Valley of Peru, carrying out her ceremonial passions as director of the Amalai Community. and gettin’ down to some soulful music.