Sacred Valley, Peru

Join us in the heart of the Andes to work, study, and serve with the Reviveolution team.


Work: Dedicate yourself to self growth (inner work), and contribute those benefits to the world (outer work)

Learn: Gain insights from indigenous traditions & integrate ancestral life-ways into daily application

Serve: Share your unique life skills and passions to expand meaningful projects


We are currently accepting individuals to join our service team on the 1st of every month who are dedicated to personal growth, community engagement, and ecological stewardship. This is a unique experience in which we may engage with indigenous practices to grow, apply those values to our personal life and interaction with others, and align our highest aspirations with grounded work which serves the greater whole.

Please note...We are not living in a rural indigenous community. We are learning from practices and values shared from our elders and applying lessons from our ceremonial experiences to create functional modern community dynamics. In this way, we learn how to bridge the old with the new, and together discover a middle way in which ancestral wisdom and modern innovation meet in union. This not only benefits our own personal lives, but also provides a living model for others (including our indigenous families) to live healthy fulfilling lifestyles that impact the planet in a positive way.

We live in a shared home & work in a dynamic space in the office, out in the garden, in the kitchen, and in traditional ceremony. We follow a relaxed work environment, yet one that requires self-direction, integrity, adaptability and grace. We seek people that face challenges with creative solutions and integrate a wholesome healthy lifestyle into the workspace. What better way to connect to indigenous wisdom than to apply the practices into your modern lifestyle?




3.) Wait for an email

4.) Meet for your designated Skype Interview

5.) Receive acceptance letter & make deposit


Thanks for your interest in joining the Reviveolution team, we look forward to seeing you in Peru!