A five-day experiential learning course to deeply connect

to Andean teachings & practices and apply them to your life.

This course is the central heart of teachings that pulses through all the work we do. 


The Q'ero culture, as all cultures, has a particular way of viewing the world, it's working elements, and how to engage with Life. This body of wisdom shapes the way we view and interact in the world- including work, family, dreams, aspirations, and our relations. Most of the modern world interaction with the Q'ero has come through a very particular lens of working with the mesa.


Throughout these 5-days together, we will focus on this extensive body of traditional knowledge to see how it can be applied to your daily life in a very down-to-Earth, practical way: across all spectrums of personal work & interests.

Whether you are just entering this realm of knowledge for the first time, or are a long-time practitioner of the Andean Mesa, this course is designed to meet you where you are to encourage modern life application.


By tuning into your unique life calling and work, and engaging with traditional teachings, we will sculpt a path that allows you to make the most out of the beneficial qualities of indigenous spiritual practices.





1.) Pick any 5 days that work for you, email us, and we will set a course on the dates you choose.

2.) You can deicide on a private course, or a small shared group.

3.) If you choose a small group, bring friends you already know are interested, or with a little advance notice, we can put the dates out and help fill it!



Huaran, Sacred Valley, Peru

This 5- day course will include:

  • Coca Initiation circle

  • Traditional Q'ero fire ceremony (despacho)

  • Personalized Coca reading

  • Lesson for on-the-go offerings

  • Guidance to establish your personal prayer

  • Understanding of the Andean Mesa and its uses

  • Personally tailored coaching session for applying indigenous practices to your life

  • All organic breakfast, lunch, and dinner each day

  • Filtered drinking water

  • Intentional mountain hikes with uniquely tailored teachings inspired by our Q'ero Elder

  • Floral medicine making class

  • Teachings on how to cleanse yourself and Mesa

  • Transportation to and from mountain hikes (if needed)

  • Comfortable, relaxing, shared accommodations for 4 nights (private rooms have additional cost)

Not included:

  • Your transportation from your original location (such as Cusco) to Urubamba before & after course



Shared 5-day course (2-4 people) : $650 per person

Private 5-day course (1 person) : $1,280





We are 100% committed to organic, in-season, healthy food that nourishes the body and nurtures the soul. We use only cold-pressed Peruvian coconut oil,  Andean pink salt, and high-grade ingredients to cleanse and regenerate your body into health. What better way to show our respect to Pachamama (Mother Earth) & our bodies than by voting through purchases that support local, sustainable farmers.


Throughout the 5-day intensive, we will be nestled near Urubamba in the Sacred Valley, Peru. Surrounded by breathtaking views of the Andes Mountains, and a short walk away from the Wilka Mayu sacred river, the teachings will be complimented by the environment from which they derive and thrive.

Urpiyay Sonqoyay- With Doves from Our Heart

(quechua phrase of gratitude)


For any and all questions, please contact:

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