It takes a dedicated team to bring elders and allies on a pilgrimage across countries.

This is an ongoing program that ensures all travel costs of our wisdom-keepers and additional contributions to support their livelihood can be offered. After all resources are covered for the three wisdom-keepers listed on this journey, any further contributions will go towards bringing additional traditional wisdom-keepers from around the world.

Your support encourages tribal unity and transmission of authentic wisdom.


CURRENT SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITY: Feminine Roots Gathering Sept. 2016

This opportunity is open for giving individuals to sponsor Grandma Kaariina Saarinen to travel from Canada to play an central role in this Grandmothers and Women's pilgrimage. Additional sponsorship will go towards sustaining the journeys of Maestra Martina Mamani & Abuela Maria Apaza, and empowering each of our grandmother's in their life of service.

Abuela Kaariina Saarinen is a powerful source of wisdom and strength. From Ontario Canada, she is a vibrant Essene Traditional Medicine Woman, M. Ed. Counselor, keeper of the Golden Reindeer Moon Lodge & four pillars of teachings. She lovingly shares knowledge with those ready to step into their highest potential. Grandma Kaariina will serve as one of the central grandmother's of the Feminine Roots Pilgrimage. With your support, her international flights and accommodations will be covered so we can be sure to nourish her the way she deserves!


1. BUDDY SPONSOR (YOU + ELDER + Elder Flight) = $4,600

Join us on the journey & sponsor an elder fully to come also

Email: for preferred transfer method



If you cannot join but want the elder to come - pay their way!

Email: for preferred transfer method



Small or large - it is significant stepping stone    


Dedicate points to an elder/ally for their flight

Email: for details



           $1,700 = Your spot on the Feminine Roots journey
            $1,700 = Elder’s full price of the Feminine Roots journey
            $1,200 = (estimated) Elder's airfare


• Single bank transfer to Chase bank
• Cashier’s check to our Louisiana office
• Western Union to Peru
• Paypal (3.9% transaction fee will be added)



• For Buddy and Angel sponsors, once the journey & flight deposit is made, Reviveolution will take care of booking the elder’s flight immediately and send you a receipt confirmation along with a photo of the elder/ally you directly supported.

* If we are able to find cheaper flights than the $1,200 listed above, we apply the difference to your journey cost if you are a Buddy Sponsor- or we will ask you permission directly if we may use it towards the second elder or ally.



Thank you for playing a part in bridging ancient lineages of the North and South and making this wisdom available for all people! We honor your service in this world!




Carmen Sandoval is Samala Chumash, and lives near Santa Barbara, California.  She is an educator - teaching the Samala language to the next generations so that the word is not lost.  She is a healer and Reiki Master, offering many modalities of massage and energy work.  She holds lineage to multiple villages across the central coast of California and is called to be an ambassador of peace. She was successfully sponsored to come on the Sacred Solstice Pilgrimage in June 2016!

Juan Gabriel Apaza Lonasco is an elder of the Q'ero Nation of Peru. He dedicates his life to sharing ceremonies, traditions, and healing in service of all people and the Earth. Due to this commitment, he has been invited around the world, from South Korea, to India, to the U.S. and beyond. Thanks to your contributions, he has been sponsored more than 4 times to complete his travels and share indigenous tradition!