We are in the process of becoming stewards of land in the Sacred Valley of Peru to build our dream, the Tawantin Sanctuary: A Center for Eco-Cultural ExchangeBy bridging the gems of indigenous knowledge with insights of the modern day, the Sanctuary will be an integral model for healthy, purposeful living. Our aspirations are well on their way, find out how you can support.



The mission of the Tawantin Sanctuary is to provide a space for exchanging wisdom of the four corners of the world (hence the Quechua term Tawantin) in support of Community and Ecology.

With the Sanctuary as our new home base, we will continue to expand these initiatives:


1) Creating equal income with indigenous women & inspiring stewardship through weaving natural dies & fibers in the Watana Women’s Collective.

2) Promoting healthy lifestyle through food, herbal teas, and ancestral medicines in the Andean Alchemy Organic Restaurant and Tea House.

3) Offering permaculture, natural building, & land regenerative education to both local and international guests to reconnect to indigenous life-ways.

4) Extending Andean ceremonies, teachings and traditions to native youth and the global community to pass this wisdom into future generations.

5) Hosting retreats and events to provide a platform for reciprocal wisdom exchange amongst tribal nations, inspired individuals, and today’s pioneers.


We would love your support to expand our work onto PRIVATE LAND in the Sacred Valley. We have found the land (or the land found us), and we are working to raise $80,000 USD to purchase it and begin the construction so we can better serve you, our global family.



1.) Consider a direct financial contribution, either small or large, to Reviveolution (tax deduction available upon request).


2.) Support the Watana Women's Collective to generate economic resources based on eco-social impact with indigenous women and their ancestral crafts.


3.) Ask about our Travel Philanthropy Programs or Philanthropic Dinners.

The word "Tawantinsuyu" means the "union of the four directions" in Quechua. We aim to steward a central platform; accessible to all nations, religions, and individuals of the four corners of the world; that serves as a conducive environment for inspiring our fullest personal and collective potential.