Through sharing hand-woven Watanas, we inspire indigenous Peruvian women to continue weaving ancestral arts, teach their young ones, and commit to natural fibers and plant dyes to generate equal opportunity income for their families.


Watanas, also known as San Ccapas, are traditional Andean beaded strands that represent Earth, Spirit, the feminine & masculine, the journey of life, and a multitude of unique prayers & elements. These crafts are hand spindled out of sheep or alpaca wool, woven with a variety of colors and designs, and adorned with "the stars," which are the beads. In the Watana Women's Collective- we purchase only pieces made from natural fibers and plant dyes to promote the return of ecological stewardship with the weavers.


Indigenous Women (and occasionally men) of the high Andes are the craftswomen of these utilitarian beads. In fact, a watana is often the very first weaving that a young woman is introduced to in her life to prepare her mind & agility for the more complicated cloths. Yet, as indigenous families continue moving to the city, this ancient craft is becoming increasingly more rare. This became one of the central inspiration of the Watana Women's Collective, to encourage young women to take that first step in their weaving career and having it support their life in the modern world. Through this project weavers can know "this skill is still valuable in this day in time."


Watanas have an infinite scope of uses. Traditionally, they are worn braided in the hair and wrapped around medicine bundles. Nowadays, they can additionally be seen as headbands, hair ties, curtain ties, purse straps, adornments to pillows and clothing designs, belts, hat bands, multi-layer bracelets, gift wrapping bows, & beyond. The possibilities are endless!


1.) We support local indigenous women who hand-make and sell their beautiful Watanas from their home where they are able to generate income while taking care of their families.

2.) We send you a wholesale bulk order of 100+ Watanas for $10 dollars a strand- including packaging, shipping, beautiful info cards and a countertop display sheet- a price that supports the women and our continued work.

3.) You vend these Andean traditional beads anywhere from $15-20 dollars a piece at events, stores, school fundraisers, online, art shows, you name it. Enjoy supporting your dreams, while sponsoring the dreams of others.

Please write to Reviveolution.net@gmail.com to place your order.


"Urpiyay Sonqoyay" a Quechua phrase of endearment meaning "Doves from Our Heart"


Thank you for supporting a socially and ecologically responsible initiative.