The Reviveolution Central Council

Guardians of the Creative Fire

Carolina Putnam:


Carolina is a Louisiana native- and the founder and director of Reviveolution. She dedicates her passions to eco-cultural projects, coordinating events, serving in traditional ceremonies, & healing through the gift of song and prayer. Her initial relationship with native nations inspired her commitment to empower indigenous traditions to expand in the heart of modern culture- which became the mission of Reviveolution. Coming from a degree in Cultural Anthropology from the University of Texas, she now lives full-time in the Sacred Valley of Peru and works closely with Andean wisdom-keepers, to support individuals and communities in healing and purposeful living. In between work and prayer, you may find her gardening, drinking tea, singing and gettin’ down to some soulful music. 

Juan Gabriel Apaza Lonasco:

Spiritual Elder

Juan Gabriel Apaza Lonasco is a respected wisdom-keeper of the Q’ero Nation of Peru. Known as the last living descendants of the Inka bloodline, and the keepers of the coca wisdom, the Q’ero still follow the ancient traditions of their ancestors by paying hommage to the Mother Earth (Pachamama) and the Apus (mountain guardians) through traditional “saminchay” fire ceremonies. Juan Gabriel dedicates his life to sharing ancestral wisdom and traditional ceremony to heal at all levels. This passion has guided him to travel internationally for more than 20 years, engaging with indigenous leaders around the world. His dream is to build the Tawantinsuyo Eco-Temple in Peru to encourage indigenous coalitions at a global level

Maria Jose:

Watana Collective Coordinator

María José was born in Bogota, Colombia and since 2010, has called NYC her home base. Her upbringing moved her through a variety of cultures and geographic locations, which instilled a deep appreciation for the uniqueness of the human experience and unifying similarities. She graduated with a Bachelors in Fine Arts from Parsons the New School for Design in 2015, currently teaches Pranayam and Yoga, and aspires to continue nurturing her skills and practice to serve the collective. In 2012 a great love inspired her to travel through Brazil, opening her to the philosophy of permaculture and coming into deeper connection and integrity with plant medicines and her ancestral lineages. Through these experiences, Maria now dedicates her creativity, prayer, and passions to serve humanity, nature, and the beautiful journey of evolution

Julian Apaza Cruz:

The Chef

Julian is the eldest son of elder Juan Gabriel.  As a young member of the Q'ero Nation living in modern society, his unique expression of life experiences, stories, and customs offers valuable insights and understanding into the depths of his ancient culture and the shifts in which it is currently under-going. Julian holds a strong passion for culinary arts and is a very talented chef of Peruvian cuisine, vegan, and vegetarian dishes, which we all enjoy. He loves sharing his delicious creations to bring a smile to any person's heart, and is at your service to support any events and retreats from the kitchen. You may contact him at for scheduling. Buen Probecho!

Megan Youngmee:


A small-town, Pennsylvania girl, adopted from South Korea had a 12 year stint as a corporate LA woman—she’s designed books, websites, ads, and best-selling products. Disney, W Hotels, Urban Outfitters, Harvard, BCBG and Oprah are some of her previous clients. She helped start two successful tech companies in LA. At 30 she left the grind to travel the world. Her latest project was Casa De Tres Osos, a guest-home with over 80 five-star reviews in Sacred Valley, Peru. At 33, she works from home as a mom & freelance creative with an Andean view, helped create Conscious Traveller Magazine and works with Reviveolution as a small business consultant in design, marketing and sustainable business techniques.