Reviveolution is a global community of indigenous wisdom-sharers, visionaries, and global guardians dedicated to nourishing thriving Human-Earth relationships. 


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Join us in Virtual Council on our new YouTube Channel: Reviveolution Global. Here will be posting weekly interviews with genuine indigenous wisdom-keepers, elders, and Earth Allies from around the globe. Join us in this mission to weave the worlds and create a beautiful tapestry of the New Earth.   Join


Visiting Peru is a sacred and life changing experience. With Reviveolution, you are able to not only experience the majesty of the Andes, but truly support the local communities. This path-less-traveled is a trip to the homeland of elders and their families empowering them to connect, share, and evolve their ancient knowledge with each other and you.

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We consider your donations and support as ayni, reciprocal exchange.  By sponsoring Reviveolution, you are taking part in an energy offering to pachamama and indigenous wisdom-sharers. Your financial contribution allows you to express your part in restoring our planet by integrating modern solutions with traditional wisdom.

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Our vision is of a world that lives in true common-unity (community): an inner and interconnected, ecologically regenerative, thriving existence with all our relations

Tawantinsuyu Eco-Temple

Where sacred tradition meets modern innovation ~
The Tawantinsuyu Eco-Temple will be an ecological sanctuary and gathering place dedicated to promoting and preserving indigenous wisdom. Its mission is to unite ancient and contemporary Earth wisdom in a safe and private environment which nourishes our connection to a living and breathing planet. This is a collaborative initiative to reclaim sacred space, empower native nations to stand strong in their sacred knowledge, and invite each of us to step into our fullest roles as Earth stewards.


To bridge ancestral wisdom-ways with todays innovations to inspire individuals and communities everywhere to cultivate nurturing life-ways, now and for future generations.